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Moreover, we are versatile and dedicated trial lawyers that can cover a wide array of civil law issues, including workmen's compensation, environmental law, intellectual property disputes, employment and labor laws, class action suits, medical malpractice lawsuits, academic law, wrongful death, employment discrimination labor laws, debt collection, real estate disputes and landlord/tenant problems, amongst several others. Furthermore, we are well versed and trained in various forms of procedural and substantive law, and possess expert negotiation and client development skills.


Have you been accused of a crime you didn't commit and seek swift and pain-free justice while maintaining your honor and dignity? Or, perhaps you have been a victim of a crime and seek legal retribution on those who have harmed you or your family. You may have even committed a crime yourself and desire the best settlement possible. Regardless of the cause or motive, The Law Office Of Jason Shackelford, P.C. will facilitate swift and appropriate justice for our Missouri clients so that they receive the best verdict possible.

Furthermore, The Law Office Of Jason Shackelford, P.C. will always defend you honestly and ethically. We will use every means at our disposal to ensure that justice is met and that you receive the best verdict possible, given the evidence. The Law Office Of Jason Shackelford, P.C. will also fully consult with you on the options available and suggest the best option for your unique needs. That is, we always place your best interests first and will take pro-active steps to go beyond mere representation.

For instance, our Missouri based criminal prosecutors and lawyers are required to enroll in continuing education initiatives so that they are ahead of the game and know the legal system-and all of its nuances-thoroughly. We also invest in research and development technology to ensure that our knowledge of legal statutes is up-to-date and accurate.

PART II. Crimes Against Persons

Murder First Degree
Murder Second Degree – “Conventional”
Felony Murder
Voluntary Manslaughter
Involuntary Manslaughter
Assault First Degree
Assault Second Degree
Assault Third Degree
Kidnapping and Felonious Restraint
False Imprisonment
Miscellaneous Offences Against Persons
Part III. Sex Crimes

Historical Notes and Some Constitutional Issues
Statutory Rape and Sodomy
Child Molestation
Sexual Misconduct
Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse
Offences Against The Family
Part IV. Crimes Against Property

Burglary First and Second Degree
Arson and Reckless Burning
Tampering and Property Damage Offenses
Receiving Stolen Property
Forgery, Fraud and Falsification Offenses
PART V. Drug and Weapon Crimes

Drug Trafficking and Possession
Weapons Offenses
Armed Criminal Action
PART VI. Crimes Involving Public Order or Institutions

Riot and Unlawful Assembly
Peace Disturbance
Causing a Catastrophe
Concealing Offenses, Tampering with Evidence, Hindering Prosecution, Resisting Arrest
Bribery, Corruption and Official Misconduct
Tampering and Falsification Offenses (public Records, etc.)
Treason and Terrorism
PART VII. Miscellaneous Crimes

Driving While Intoxicated
“Hate Crimes”
Regulatory and Miscellaneous Offenses


When most people think of family law they think of divorce proceedings. While The Law Office Of Jason Shackelford, P.C. does handle divorce issues in Missouri, such as the following:

• child custody
• alimony
• child support
• visitation rights
• no fault divorces
• separations
• child alienation
• child abduction
• spousal abuse
• adoption rights
• order of protection
• modification
• Paternity
• asset allocation
We also specialize in various other forms of family law as well. For instance, we can resolve issues pertaining to common law relationships, as well as civil unions and other domestic partnerships. The Law Office Of Jason Shackelford, P.C. will also take on cases that concern adoption rights (e.g., same sex and foreign couples), surrogacy issues, and paternity fraud and testing. Moreover, we have settled family law matters that dealt with spousal abuse, child molestation, and child abduction.


The Law Office Of Jason Shackelford, P.C. protect the rights of you and your loved ones who have been hurt or fatally injured. We are well-known for providing comprehensive solutions and ferociously defending your rights, entitlements and best interests. The stress and pain associated with recovering from a serious injury are bad enough without having to worry about the financial impact rehabilitation will have on you. Some of the areas where we have recently contributed to great success for our clients include:

Car accidents
Worker's compensation
Failure to warn
Product liability
Premises liability
Motorcycle accidents
Pedestrian accidents
Our success in supporting clients like you in a myriad of unique situations is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Don’t settle for any less than the damages you rightfully deserve. We can assist you in recovering out of pocket medical costs, lost pay due to job loss or inability to return to work, legal representation and litigation fees.

Receiving Full Accident Compensation
When you’ve been harmed by the actions (or failure to act) of another party, you are entitled to file for accident compensation. It is critical to begin your claim as soon after the incident as possible. During this time, the qualified guidance of a legal professional will be invaluable to receiving a favorable outcome and the full range of reparations you deserve.

Filing Personal Injury Claims
Knowing where to start when you are new to the process of filing personal injury claims is not as simple as it should be. There are many barriers that discourage people from pursuing the protection of their entitlements, the foremost being the complex law that surrounds your rights freedoms under state and federal law.

Slip and Fall
A slip and fall injury can wreak havoc on your body and leave you in rough shape in the hospital, at no fault of your own. If you’ve recently experienced a bad fall, there are a few questions to investigate before moving forward with seeking damages:

Did the property owner cause the hazard?
Was the property owner aware of the problem at the time of the incident?
Did this type of hazard or defect happen on a regular basis, or continue to exist for a long period of time, where the owner should have been aware of its existence prior to your injury?
What level of care does the person who owns the property owe to the injured party?
What is the relationship between the injured party and the hazardous environment, for example: Were you the customer of a business, a guest who had been invited or an unsolicited visitor?
Answering these questions in depth helps us gain a better understanding of the details of your unique situation and allows us to present you with a litigation strategy that is based on years of proven success.

An Affordable Car Accident Lawyer
Do you need a car accident lawyer who understands the specifics of your claim? Our experience providing results and relief for our clients covers all aspects of vehicular injury, including:

Rear-end collision
Hit and run
Impaired driver collisions
Passenger injuries
Bike accidents
To give us an opportunity to review your claim, and provide more specific information on how our personal injury lawyers can contribute to the success of your case, phone our office to set up a no-obligation consultation today.

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